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Why Choose Billie?

Travel is exciting, and it can be daunting. It's comforting to know you have a Tour Director who can say, "I got this."

When it comes to managing travel details like hotels, transportation, and luggage, you want a guide who is organized and has travel experience. When it comes to enjoying your vacation, you want a guide who will help you get the most of your experience, whether you're looking for history, food, culture, or simply entertainment. 

THAT'S ME. I've been planning travel for decades and doing it professionally for five years. My guests know I'm there for them, and that I can handle any challenge calmly and with good humor. They know I've done my research, and if I don't have all the answers, I know where to get them.



Our Tour Director Billie was excellent. She was warm and friendly as well as taking good care of us on our tour, making sure we were well informed about all we needed to know.


Billie is a gem! She went above and beyond every day and we became very fond of her in a short time. She was very capable and entertaining.


Billie Hyde was an amazing tour director, informative and kept us organized on all stops. She helped me know what was happening the next day and what was coming up and where to meet our excursions. Her newsletters were very helpful.

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